I lost 26 kg as I had no appetite for first 4 months: Rishi on cancer

Speaking about battling cancer, Rishi Kapoor revealed, “I had lost 26 kg as I had no appetite for the first four months. Now, I’ve gained 7-8 kg.”

Rishi Kapoor made headlines last year after the veteran actor went to New York with his wife Neetu Kapoor for getting treated for his medical condition (unknown at the time). Soon after rumors were abuzz that the actor was actually suffering from cancer. In has been close to a year now and while it has been reported that the actor is now ‘cancer-free’, he is still at the same medical facility he was at, receiving post-cancer care. It was also revealed recently that Rishi Kapoor will finally be able to come back home at the end of August this year. Read More

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