How The MCU Can Revitalize Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster In Thor: Love And Thunder

After Natalie Portman filmed her role in Thor: The Dark World, her part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was left on shaky and uncertain terms. It was clear to many that the Academy Award-winning actress and the superhero mega movie machine weren’t exactly meeting each other at their strengths, with the actress resorted to playing a second fiddle love interest as Jane Foster to the title character, Thor. She did a nice job in the limited role in 2011’s Thor, but it was clear to many viewers that, particularly with the less-than-super sequel, the actress hadn’t gotten her due yet inside the MCU.

Natalie Portman was notably — and abruptly — absent from Thor: Ragnarok, with a throwaway line explaining why she was no longer around. And while the actress made a brief cameo in Avengers: Endgame using repurposed footage, Natalie Portman has been invested in other sorts of endeavors like Jackie, Annihilation, Vox Lux, Song to Song and the upcoming Lucy in the Sky, to mention only a few of her recent titles, as well as her feature directorial debut, A Tale of Love And Darkness, which she also starred in. All of these films were stark departures from what you would expect from anything found in the MCU. Read More

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