Fan walks 900 km to meet Akshay; actor says ‘Don’t do these things’

Actor Akshay Kumar was in for a pleasant surprise on Sunday morning when a fan met him after walking 900 kilometre in 18 days from Dwarka to arrive in Mumbai on Sunday.

Sharing a video of the fan, Akshay wrote on Instagram, “Parbat from Dwarka..Met Parbat today, he walked over 900 kms all the way from Dwarka and planned it in a way to reach Mumbai in 18 days to catch me here on a Sunday. If our youth use this kind of planning and determination to achieve their goals, then there’s no stopping us!

#SundayMotivation.”In the video, the fan can be heard telling the star that he walked 900 km, even on a few nights, to ensure that reached Mumbai on a Sunday. When the actor asked him if he knew he could find Akshay at his home on Sunday, the fan said, “Mujhe pata hai sir, fan hoon aapka (I know it all sir, I am your fan).” Read More

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