Facial recognition technology — is India ready for it?

Now that The Great Hack has been out for a while, it is time to ask — if someone tells you that a digital representation of your face could be used to gain access to your phone without your consent — or, even worse, as evidence against you in a criminal case — would you believe it?

Reporters for Forbes in the United States were able to break into phones using 3D-printed models of their own faces. A university student in Baltimore faced death threats after she was incorrectly identified, by Sri Lankan authorities relying on facial recognition technology, as a suspect in the recent terror bombings.

Facial recognition technologies are slowly becoming ubiquitous in India. The Maharashtra government recently deployed the technology in Mumbai, where it will be integrated with the 10,000-strong contingent of CCTV cameras. Police in Delhi, Amritsar, and Surat have been using facial recognition since as early as mid-2018.

The GMR Hyderabad International Airport recently introduced it at its passenger entry points to facilitate paperless travel. Read More

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