Sonali Bendre cancer

Sonali Bendre diagnosed with Metastatic Cancer

Bollywood industry did not even emerge from the shock of Irfan disease. Now, a beautiful Bollywood actress has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer which is metastised. Sonali Bendre is diagnosed…

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Google IO

What’s new in Google I/O 2018? – World Top Trending

Google I/O 2018 Keynote Recently the Google held its annual conference Google IO 2018 from 8th may to 10th of may. In this conference, the Google released the beta version…

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Viking sun cruise ship

Viking Sun Cruise ship Travel you to every part of World – World Top Trending

A Cruise ship that will travel you to every corner of the world – Viking Sun Cruise Ship Who doesn’t wants to travel to different parts of the world. Every…

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Captain Marvel Movie

Avengers infinity war what comes next?

What do you think What comes next in Avengers 4? Have you seen the avenger’s infinity war which is become one of the highest grossing worldwide movie of 2018. According to some…

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Paytm mall cashback

Get 100 Percent Cashback on Paytm – World Top Trending

100% cashback on Paytm – World Top Trending There is very good news for those customers who are new to Paytm or haven’t do any type of online shopping on…

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Trains into Clouds

A train that run into clouds – WorldTopTrending

Sometimes you have heard the idiom like that train was too much fast so it’s like that it talks to air. But today we talk about a train who seriously…

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Avengers First look

Avengers: Infinity War First Day Collection (Updated) – World Top Trending

If you have not seen the movie yet then please go and watch it, I will pretty sure that you will get goosebumps several times. This movie might become the…

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World Oldest Woman

World Oldest Woman Dies at 117 – World Top Trending

World Oldest Women Dies on Saturday (21 April 2018) The world oldest women of Kikai city of southern Japan died on Saturday. Nabi Tajima who was 117 years old takes…

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NASA Parker Solar Probe Mission

World First Mission to Sun – Parker Solar Probe That day is going to become reality when we say our dream is come true to reach the sun. We are…

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